Smart Schools

Smart Schools is a fairly new company to the New Zealand market, starting only in 2017. Since then they have provided New Zealand schools with highly innovative mobile apps built to improve communication between parents, teachers and students.  

Overview Of The Project

Smart Schools needed an online website that would look and feel modern, while remaining conversion optimised. They also saw the website as an opportunity to reduce administration for their sales team, and we tackled this for them by:

  • Building a modernised web design that resonates with the educational industry. 
  • Building user and buyer journeys, and refining the website UX/UI on this. 
  • Implementing marketing automation tools. 
  • Implementing smart forms that automatically respond to quotations and questions based on the inputs the user has put on the online smart form. This drastically decreased the amount of time the sales team spends on prospects that are still in the “Just looking” phase of the sales cycle. 
  • Integrating effectively with their CRM so that all prospects are segmented and user activity is tracked. (This helps with defining the position of prospects in the sales cycle and assist Smart Schools with nurturing leads). 
  • Adding the ability to easily add, edit, remove content with a visual builder. 
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