Equalum is the leading Data Beaming platform, relied upon by enterprises across industries to seamlessly teleport operational data to real-time analytics environments. Built for scalability and ease of use, Equalum ingests data in real-time, as it is created, from any number of data sources. It processes and transforms the data before streaming it to any number of target applications or systems.

Overview Of The Project

We started working with Equalum via one of our agency partnerships.  The agency was BlueSeedling, whom are amazing full stack digital marketers.  Our task was to convert the PSD designs provided by BlueSeedling in to a fully functional website that:

  • Is responsive and follows the latest web design technologies. 
  • Has the ability to be editable without the need to code.
  • Is integrated with Mailchimp 
  • Has the ability to manage blog posts and press releases through our custom built news centre plugin. 
  • Complies with GDPR laws and intelligently blocks cookies based on user selection in EU countries. 

This 6 page website was successfully completed within 12 working days, including the development of custom plugins and features. 

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