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How To Partner With Us?

01. Discovery

In our initial meeting we discuss goals and the objectives your organisation is looking to achieve by partnering up with us.

We also schedule an entire system review of your current application to make sure that we fully understand it before any suggestions or developments are made.

Based on the initial meeting and system review, we determine a draft partnership strategy. In our second meeting we go through this.

02. Partnership Strategy

This is the second meeting where we convert our draft partnership strategy into a final one. 

In the partnership strategy we cover 3 pillars: 

  1. Defining the items that need to be tackled within the upcoming months. 
  2. Defining the communication process that will be used between us. 
  3. Defining the pace of development and deployment.

03. In Partnership

Once we’ve defined the 3 key pillars of a successful partnership strategy between us, we then execute! 

Our Enterprise Approach

Continuous Deployment
Continuous Integration
Continuous Build
Project & Team Managment
Source Control
Software Development Workflow
Develop Code
Issue Tracking

Benefits Of Partnering With Us


Diverse Skill Set On-Demand

Have diverse skills available on-demand and increase the talent pool within your organisation while saving on payroll. 

With all our retainer plans you get access to Backend developers, Frontend developers, and Network engineers. 

Our project managers strategically plan the involvement of each developer based on your organisations goals and objectives.


No Management Needed

Save from management overhead – we establish roadmaps and manage everything in-house. Unlike freelancers and on-site staff, we build your entire strategy weeks ahead and take care of all implementational details.

Our Retainer Plans

Updates & Minor Development
30 Hours
Per Month
Updates & Basic Development
50 Hours
Per Month
Economy Plan
Updates & Scalable Development
80 Hours
Per Month
Most Popular
Dedicated Development Team
120+ Hours
Per Month

Ready To Get Started?


We Bring ‘Lean’ To Startups

We know how to start small and focus on traction and growth. If you’re seeking product-market fit or you’re crossing the chasm towards scaling enterprise, we can help you get there.  The PICWA team executes at a fraction of the cost of a FT in-house team.


Gaps For Growing SMB’s

Not sure what the future holds? No problem. You can start with us now and figure out whether you want to grow with us (or outgrow us) later.